02.04 | barrett esposito directs new tv spots for espn
09.03 | barrett esposito directs “dream job” for concept farm
09.03 | barrett esposito directs jim rome promo in los angeles
08.02 | barrett esposito directs junction boys tease for espn
07.02 | barrett esposito directs documentary in tuscany for moe greene
06.02 | mourning glory sold in greece
05.02 | mourning glory to screen at cannes
10.01 | mourning glory to screen at mifed
02.01 | mourning glory to screen at afm
05.01 | mourning glory featured in moviemaker magazine
05.01 | mourning glory reviewed in the hollywood reporter
04.01 | barrett esposito wins best director at new york independent international film festival
04.01 | mourning glory plays to sold out audience in new york city
09.00 | morning glory screened at angelica in new york city

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