Barrett Eposito film director from New York City. Born in New York City, Barrett Esposito has been directing for film and television since 1994. In 1999, Barrett directed his own screenplay, Mourning Glory, starring Bill Sage, Jon Abrahams and Michael Irby, which has been distributed in Europe. >Mourning Glory earned Barrett the prestigious honor of best director at the New York International Independent Film Festival in 2001.

More recently, Barrett has directed some highly acclaimed television spots, including the image campaigns for Rome Is Burning and the 2004 NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship for ESPN. In 2002, Barrett directed La Giostra Del Sarteano, a documentary about the renowned jousting competition shot on high definition in Tuscany. He then came back to the states and filmed the stylized teases for The Junction Boys, an ESPN Original Movie starring Tom Berenger. In the summer of 2003, Barrett collaborated with NFL Films, documenting the championships at Wimbledon.